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Thread: Cad Aftershave/Cologne Phoenix HTGM

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    Cad Aftershave/Cologne Phoenix HTGM

    What a lovely scent. I can remember my Grandad stepping out of the bathroom with his white vest on and getting ready to take my Nan out for the evening. This, of course isn't the scent he whore nearly 40 years ago but this scent has got that special built in factor of "I'm instantly going to take you back in time and cuddle you up to those lost from you many years ago". Reminds me of being in a pub garden with a can of pop and packet of crisps on a hazy summers evening and getting a fragrant filled breeze ever so often of my Grandad. Such great great memories. Some of you may think this review has nothing to do with this aftershave cologne but i say it has every to do with it. It for me has that Old School manly scent which if thats what your looking for then give this bad boy a go. Great service and very high standards must be given to Luxury Barber, with my thanks. Who else uses this fantastic range and what do you consider to be your favourites and why.
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    Is it good as they say it is.

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