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Thread: March Box Pics?

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    March Box Pics?

    Hey guys,

    I was curious to see if anyone got their March box? Can you upload pics? Want to see what the 'surprise' was that they were talking about.

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    Surprise ? Maybe the E-Shave preshave oil ( full size ) ? Don't know of any surprise. In January I got a razor, and February we received shaving brushes. March was my 3rd box and it's so much better than BirchBox.

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    Cool. Could you upload some pics? I'm really looking forward to getting my box next month but want some more info on what it looks like, etc.

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    Hi Guys. I think this month's surprise was that there were two full size products. I'm definitely looking to more surprises if that's what we have to look forward too. See my photo here, OnCollins Ave.DSC_0458.jpg

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    nice Pic GeorgieBoy1979. Yea The Full size products this month were a real treat. Cant wait to see next months!

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    Looks like a lot of products! Awesome.

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    Nice products to have in those boxes.

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    Wonder if we'll ever see products like body spray or cologne start to come in their boxes.
    Looking good is only one step of the equation, don't forget to smell good as well.

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