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Thread: Best Aftershave

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    Best Aftershave

    I'm new to expanding my collection of aftershaves, but have picked up a few new ones lately. I've tried Phoenix's Cavendish Aftershave (love that tobacco smell) & also another from RazoRock. What are your favorites?

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    I really like the Bay Rum aftershaves. I have sensitive skin and they don't really aggravate it more once I'm done shaving.

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    All the Fine aftershaves definitely stand out for me. American blend and the Clean Vetiver are my Faves.BTW OnCollinsAve, Captains choice has a great Bay Rum aftershave!

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    My favorite is Denim Black or Gold. Love that manly smell
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    My beard is 4 months old, and yes I am a beginner. Decided to go for the beard because with 25 years after shaving and trimming I still look like a baby...
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    I use clubman pinaud and lustray blue spice.

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