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Thread: I want to shave like JFK, but it might be costly!

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    I want to shave like JFK, but it might be costly!

    You want to know why JFK was always clean-shaven?
    Because he had an awesome shaving kit and it went on auction last year for $1,500 or more.


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    Yeah, that is pretty nice, but personally I think that modern three piece razors are better than the old Gillette razors. I have a few vintage razors including my Grandfather's 1959 Fat Boy, my Wife's Grandfather's 1965 Slim, and my Uncles Flare Tip. I have a thing for stainless steel and my favorites are my Feather AS-D2, my Weber with the Bamboo handle I would recommend the Weber as it costs about half what most other stainless razors cost. You really can't go wrong with the Mercur 34c either but the modern trend of making the heads of Zamak is something I try to avoid. And most of the modern razors are made of Zamak so I don't really own many of these, just the 34c and I also have the Synergy open comb, but neither makes my rotation very often.

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    yes, i agree with you it is very this there are many important pieces os razors are used.

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