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Thread: hair styling tools is also reason of damage

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    hair styling tools is also reason of damage

    one of the main reason of hair damage is Hair styling tools: some folks use the hair styling tools like appliance for hair which is one amongst the most cause can|we are able to say of hair fall as use of appliance begin losing our hair and that we folks use it in sensible extend which will result in the hair fall at regular intervals then to avoid hair fall we've to avoid the utilization of hair styling tools in order that we will cure our hair.

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    Agreed. Blowdryers, irons, etc. made my hair almost completely fall out. Lesson learned.
    Larry "Bird" Berg

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    yes i also agree hair styling tools are reason of damage

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    It can be a reason of damage, but not necessarily the only reason on why it happened. too much of anything is too much.
    Larry "Bird" Berg

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    i agree with that, most of tools conduct heat to our hair, and a too much heat could dried up the hair and make it easy to break. i rarely use hair styling tools though
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