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Thread: reason of to much hair fall

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    reason of to much hair fall

    stress is main reason of hair fall :- 1st|the primary issue attributable to that we've a hair loss may be a stress as attributable to quick life the strain is increase by day and day attributable to this we have a tendency to individuals AR losing our energy daily and attributable to that thus me individuals have regular headache which headache isn't simply a headache it effects on range of issues|of things so hair loss become increase day by day which is that the first reason why the hair loss is will increase day by day attributable to stress it's only 1 issue it's not entirely to blame for the dilapidation it's only 1 factor that we will take into account for hair loss in men and ladies. thus to avoid stress we've to require its drugs and cure the strain and additionally we've to fight against its symptoms and take necessary steps as a result of stress not solely to blame for hair loss it's additionally causes alternative issues like heart connected issues heart failure is one among the matter thus we've to fight against the strain so we will relief it.

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    If we will avoid eating bad diet and some other things like Smoking,Drinking Alcohol etc than we can keep away from hair loss problem.

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    People don't realize the immense impact your diet can have on your hair, body, and basically every other part of your body. Once I cleaned up my diet, my skin got better and my hair loss came to a halt. Cut out the greasy foods, dairy, and refined sugars and you will see a difference too!
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    Excessive hair loss (more than 100 hairs a day) can be caused by inherited factors, disease, stress, medications, injury, aging, or hair care.

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    Hair loss may fall with lots of reasons
    1. Thin and split hairs
    2. Weak and rough hairs
    3. Alopecia
    4. By Disease
    5.Medical Reaction

    These are some of conditions SO these are factors of hair Fall.

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    Reasons for Hair Loss

    1. Pollution

    2. Tension & Stress

    3. Bad Diet

    4. Long time stomach diseases

    5. Hair Loss in case of pregnancy

    6. Poor blood circulation etc

    7. Dandruff

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    I definitely agree the most with a geetsharma1 list.
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    That's really great information here. Thank you guys.

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    Reasons behind the much hair fall it can be many cases Like changing the environment, health by diet.

    This problem can help your doctor. Choose a right doctor and get back from much hair fall problem.

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