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Thread: Face Baldness Problem

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    Face Baldness Problem

    It is believed that any male has to face baldness because of the problem of oversensitive hair follicles in men which use to exist in the holes in the skin which normally contain the roots of each hair which further linked to the di hydro testosterone hormone. In the case of excess DHT hair automatically starts becoming thinner and its growth level also slows down.

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    Keto shampoo usually takes away the DHT in follicles to may way for hair growth.

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    Are you referring to Nizoral?

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    Baldness problem occurs due to several reasons and today plenty of peoples are suffering from this critical problem of hair loss in all the countries.

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    A persons personality is with his hairs to enhance his personality he stylish their hairs but what can do who has no hairs so now bald persons. Now their is a best technique to transplant hairs so now a bald person regrow their hairs and regain his personality with hair transplant treatment. Its also not so costly now a common man also afford this service and get back their personality and confidence.

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    This is sharing this discussion. Men can follow bread hair transplant treatment.

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    I suffer from hair loss. I tryed with expensive stuffs, like shampoos, little bottles of miracle that will start my hair to regrowth. I even started to change my diet. And only changing my diet helped me to stop losing my hair. But still no regrowth...And also thinking seriously about hair transplant...
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    Why not we try some home remedies to cure the hair fall problem?

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