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Thread: Croma vs. Astra

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    Croma vs. Astra

    I belong to a few shaving groups on Facebook and have noticed a lot of debate between two blades: Croma & Astra. I figured someone here might be able to give me true insight into what I should be buying. Let me know, thx.

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    The thing with blades. Is they are YMMV! Every blade is different for every person. I have tried both. I lean towards croma... seems to be a bit smoother. Luckily both are cheap... buy a sample of both and see what you think

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    What does YMMV mean??
    Larry "Bird" Berg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lberg12 View Post
    What does YMMV mean??
    YMMV means "Your mileage may vary". Like cvargo was saying, everyone is different. Although I tend to agree with them. I do like my shaves a bit more with Croma. What size packs to you you usually buy in? How long does it last you?

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    Every blades is different to the skin or the user.

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    I've used Astra blades for the past 2 years sporadically and recently ordered a new safety razor from LB. It comes with Croma blades. Looking forward to giving them a try.

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    I heard Astra was good, but Diamant was better. I found about these blades on LB's website too.

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