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Thread: Hair Transplant system

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    Hair transplant technique implement to rebuild hair on bald scalp and today this is one the best hair loss treatment which can sort hair loss issue with perfect results and the cost of hair transplant treatment India very less than other countries.

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    Hi, Hair transplant is an ultimate solution for hair loss. However there are other options as well for hair thinning or to prevent hair fall. Laser hair loss therapy is getting more popularity. Similarly PRP hair loss therapy is another option to regrow hair in a natural way.

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    yeap, hair transplant is best solution to cure hair loss and baldness. This type of treatment also help in to improve beauty of men and women.

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    Made in good conditions, hair implantation surgical techniques give very satisfactory results," says popular doctors, the surgeon responsible for the only academic medical specialist training baldness at the University Claude Bernard Lyon . Over 90% of patients are men, but the development of micro-grafts techniques, better adapted to diffuse balding, led women more likely to consider a surgical correction.
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    The well-defined baldness which are observed in men allow, in some cases, move shreds scalp from rich areas to more hair thinning areas. For others, it is possible to envisage a scalp reduction, more or less, by removing a portion of the bald area. Mini hair or hair transplant techniques are now most frequently proposed.

    They are to take hair in areas where they are well provided for relocating where they are lacking. Hair can be removed in strips, cut to form implants from January to April micrografts and hair for up to 8 for minigrafts. This approach leaves a scar hidden by the hair and allows to relocate up to 5,000 hair.
    Six hours of intervention

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    I found the hair transplantation is so natural that you will feel so nice about yourself. This magical treatment so good as it helps to get back your old beautiful teens days.

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan in Istanbul, Turkey is world-renowned and respected in his field using the Manual FUE Technique at Asmed Hair Transplant Center

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    Hair Transplantation is the surgical and result oriented procedure can be expensive one but overall as compared to other repeated procedures for hair restoration it is much reasonable and one time affair. Cost of this procedure may vary from clinic to clinic as the different clinics have different polices for calculating the cost like per graft, per session and even depending on nature and area treated.

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    Ozge Ergun MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon is at your service in his own practice located in Istanbul downtown. An expert in female aesthetic surgeries and Male Fue hair transplant surgeries. From 57 different countries, patients are visiting this awarded surgeon are leaving Istanbul with happy results.
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    Hair transplants cost is highly variable with factors like hair transplantation method, number of grafts required, surgeon experience.

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