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Thread: Low Level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

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    Low Level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

    Has anyone used a laser device for hair loss?
    I was thinking about buying a Hairmax laser comb
    Or a laser cap/laser helmet. They are expensive so I want
    To hear about some real results.

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    I'm not sure if LLLT is FDA approved for hair loss, however, I know that it has been approved for pain relied and carpel tunnel. I know that the laser therapy directly promotes hair growth from the scalp, and a lot of people have seen good results. Never used one myself, but I'm sure there are a lot of others who have. I just use topicals to help keep my hair thick.

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    Hair loss treatments come in many forms and one of these is a device called the HairMax LaserComb. Developed by Lexington International, LLC, this device is used to treat androgenetic alopecia in men.

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    Laser hair Treatment is not a Good Decision for hairs. As my opinion the best and reasonable way to prevent our hair loss the best hair growing solution is hair Transplant. Its work well and good for us. Because its directly connect with our looks so we can't compromise with our looks. Hair Transplant is a permanent and give us results within a frequent of time.

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    Developed by Lexington International, LLC, this device is used to treat androgenetic alopecia in men.

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    The use of lasers for medical purposes is not new. Lasers have been in use for medical purposes for many years and the physics, chemistry, and biology of laser light interaction with human tissue are well documented. Medical uses range from surgery using high-powered lasers to stimulation of tissue repair. Use of laser light as a hair replacement therapy for treatment of hereditary hair loss is a newer application of laser technology.

    Laser light generated by low-powered (cold) lasers have recently come into use as a non-surgical hair restoration treatment for pattern hair loss. Hand-held “comb”, “brush” or “cap” laser devices are marketed for use at home. Larger “hood” or “cap” devices are used in hair restoration clinics.

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