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Thread: Is it better to shave against the grain?

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    Is it better to shave against the grain?

    I have heard many people go back and forth between shaving with or against the grain. Which do you think causes the least amount of irritation/razor burn?

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    I always though that shaving against the grain gave me a smoother, closer shave. However, I have less razor burn when you do it the other way.

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    with the grain is best, going against the grain alters the direction your hair grows in as well as may cause irritation. but some people shave so often that against the grain might not do anything harmful.

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    For my initial pass I like to shave with the grain and to get a smooth finish I go against the grain for a final pass. I have no problems with irritation/razor burn shaving that way.

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    Never go against the grain on your first pass. If you're still learning how to shave I'd suggest you only go with the grain (WTG) and accross the grain (XTG) for a while until you get comfortable and are able to get good shaves with those. Then you can experiment with going against the grain to get the BBS shaves.

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    i prefer shaving with the grain. i tend to break out or get red bumps/irritation when going against.

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    Against the grain??? Ouch. No way man!

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    Have any of you guys that are complaining about razor bumps ever tried shaving with cold water? I tried it after reading an article on the Sharpologist website and was really surprised by how little irritation I have gotten from my shave since (and no razor burn since).

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    yes, shaving s against the grain is much better. it gives a smoother skin

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    For me it is ok to go against the grain. It depends on your technique.

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