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Thread: Admire This Collection

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    [QUOTE=OnCollinsAve;298]That's a good start. I really like Baxter especially. I would recommend maybe some Billy Jealousy super slick shave cream I think it's called. Depends on your skin[/QUOTE]

    I have heard of that brand, never tried it though. Maybe it will help with getting a good shave with my new DE razor? Even though I'm a beginner? Or should I use something that is a little less slick and bit more lather? Thanks dude.

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    SteveB86, I too use Billy Jealousy and it's awesome.. just depends on your skin type but it should be good. As for your new DE razor, I think it should be good. Check out some YoutUbe videos for exact directions.

    The BJ cream is very thick and lathers great.

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    Thanks Lberg12! - This video from Shave Nation made it look so easy to use the Edwin Jagger DE 89 razor and he used a good lathering shave cream... Hopefully I can get to that point soon!

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    Jay_Bailey - Can you reshare the link? When I try to go there, the video is unavailable.

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    Nice! Looks Good.
    - Nick

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    Man, what a great collection of soaps.

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