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Thread: shave before or after?

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    I always shave after my shower. The only time I'll do anything before the shower is when I have to use an electric trimmer with my hair all dry. Even if you dry off your face/body after your shower the hairs will still clog up the electric trimmer, such a pain to clean afterwards.

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    I shave during the shower.

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    its all depends the time periods of my shaving.If i just a daily touch I usually shave after.

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    Not sure if it makes a difference on the overall outcome of the shave but I always do it before.

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    I shave after shower because your skin is clean, and hydrated for the shave.

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    I usually prefer to shave first and then shower..

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    I regularly shave while taking shower. It keeps me relaxed and there is no added issue of hair sticking or cleaning any further.
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    i shave before shower, so that the pores could get smaller when it touched by cold water. And also you'll get your skin clean and smoother instead of using hot water.

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    Hey Sterling, i'm with JgKeegan on this one. I will shower and shave in the shower thanks to my recent purchase of a fogless mirror which i hang near my shower curtain. I shave maybe every once every 3 or 4 weeks as my other half enjoys my manicured scruff but i normally apply something like Proraso After Shave Toning Lotion.. Hasn't put the ladies off yet and it's got great reviews on Amazon so i'm sticking with it. All the best with your shaving endeavours

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