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Thread: Introduce Yourself Here!

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    Introduce Yourself Here!

    I'll start it off!

    My name is Josh. You guys may want to introduce yourself only using your username or first name like myself. It's up to you.

    Some of you may know me from some other websites or the Facebook groups. I'm the Admin here at the Luxury Barber Forums so if you ever have any issues please let me know and I'll be the one that can take care of it.

    Been upping my grooming game since late 2013 and have come a long way since then. I'm into mostly shaving and fragrances since I can't really do much with my hair in the way of pomades. Those of you who know me, know that I don't own a car, I ride my motorcycle everywhere so I always have a helmet messing up my hair.

    I used to have really bad ingrown hairs on my neck last year and now I only get irritation when I'm trying something new or am in a different country or state that has drastically different water than mine at home.

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    Hi i am James Smith and i loves Hollywood movies.

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    Hi I'm Marie. I'm addicted to hair treatments.

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    Hello my name is Carl and i'm a firefighter in England, but nobody seems to want to talk on here........

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    "Planet Zarg's" inmates must be preoccupied watching the paint dry!!..... yawn yawn zzzzz

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    Yo I'm Ricky and I love to wet shave.

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    I'm from Chicago.

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    Hi Alex here from Canada.

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    Hello everyone
    I am steve and i'm from UK.
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    I have problem with forum

    when will be admin on the forum ?

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