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Thread: Genetic hair loss Problem

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    Cool Genetic hair loss Problem

    Genetic hair loss affects almost 50% of all males and almost 40% of all females as they grow by their age. It means that if people live long enough then maybe a half of population suffering from thin hair and baldness.

    As it is noticed that hair loss mainly begins while at the age of 20s and 30s. This condition is properly known as “androgenetic alopecia”.

    Generally, the hair loss pattern in women differs from male-pattern baldness. In men, the hair loss begins with temples and recedes from hairline as it forms as “M” shape. And in women, the hair start becomes thinner from all over of the head and usually, it didn’t recede as men. It also shows that Androgenetic alopecia happens rarely in women which leads to permanent baldness.

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    are you sure that man had a bigger problem than a woman about hair loss? and here i thought that women is the one who suffer hair loss problem. its an interesting opinion, and maybe would check it out later

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    Yes Sure. This is right Information. Any Inform read from Rejuvenate hair transplant blogs you get more details.

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