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Thread: sotd march 23

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    sotd march 23

    ok, here we go, a sotd post with no photo... kinda a strange idea to me, but i'll give it a go
    razor, vintage red tip... i made a trade with a guy at big shave west last year for this razor, it's a great shaver, much better than the blue tip and slightly better than the flair tip imo
    brush, 26mm synthetic from yaqi... been testing these out, thinking of putting in for an order and having my logo put on them... pretty much the same brush as the razor rock and sterling version, i think maggards has the same one also, but i'm not 100% on that...
    soap, jeeves of hudson street cherry blossom.... i used to stock this item regularly about 2 years ago, but i'm bringing it back for a limited run due to popular demand, i've upped the scent slightly
    aftershave is also my own product, jeeves of hudson street cherry blossom... aftershaves are not available to the public at this time, but i've been working on this for over a year, it's alcohol based with witch hazel, and also has some menthol in it
    anyways, that's my first ever sotd without a photo, let me know what you think

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    Hey great to see you around here, are you going to be doing business with luxury barber? that would be great, since they seem to be out of stock of everything and last I heard they were not going to be restocking on PAA. Cherry blossom is on my to try list for sure!, how is the scent strength compared to Conservatory?

    as of SOTD for today:
    Razor: Maggards aluminum razor, its been my go to lately.
    Brush: Maggards aluminum 2band badger to pair it with the razor.
    Soap: Caties Bubbles Midnight Dready, wonderfull smell, although I really wish it was a little bit stronger.
    Aftershave: Pinaud Classic Vanilla.
    EDT: Tom Ford Noir.

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