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Thread: Looking for Gillette President Z-coded (1954)

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    Looking for Gillette President Z-coded (1954)

    I'm looking to complete my lineup of birth-year razors by acquiring a 1954 Z-coded Gillette President. I have acquired a 1954 Diplomat, the 1940s-style and Flare-tip Superspeeds and the Gold and Silver Techs. All Z-coded models, these are the only razors I own. I am not a collector per se, but just someone who joyfully rediscovered the unbridled pleasure of wet shaving with the razors I learned to shave with by watching my dad and grandfathers, and which I am trying to pass down to my three sons (with respect to the late, great Fred McMurray). As a result, I'm not necessarily looking for anything in mint or replated condition, because this razor will take a prominent place in the rotation of what I call the Gillette Cavalcade of Lathery Splendor. Please contact me if you have a '54 Prez you are willing to part with for a reasonable price. Thanks for reading.

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