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Thread: Design a shape of your beard

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    Wink Design a shape of your beard

    Like your clothes, beards aren’t one-size-fits-all. But unlike your clothes.

    You want a beard to complement the shape of your face. Symmetry plays a big part in how aesthetically pleasing something is; if you’ve got a long, narrow face, you don’t want to grow an Abe Lincoln beard that further accentuates the length.

    For circular or square faces — where the width and the height are similar measurements — grow more hair on the bottom of the chin and keep the sides short. You want to elongate the face since yours is naturally wider than most.

    For rectangular, oblong, and triangular faces — where the height is greater than the width, or where the cheeks angle sharply toward the chin — grow the beard shorter on the bottom but fuller on the sides. You want to round out the sides and give some width to your head.


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    I do agree with you that beard style also matters a lot which needs to be selected by considering face shape. Thanks for sharing such informative tips above for choosing an appropriate style..

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