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Thread: Hey folks

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    Hey folks

    My name is rick and I am a new wet shaver. Started almost 2 months ago, and I like it so far. I try some new soaps that don't cost too much or get a great deal for them. Just liking the smells of new scents on soaps.

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    Getting better on my shaves.

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    Did you find?

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    Hey Ricardo, greetings from Auckland; New Zealand. All the best with your venture into wet shaving. It's heading into winter in our part of the world so my wet shaving efforts are becoming somewhat far and wide LOL! but when i am in fill flip-mode with my wet shaving efforts i normally use Proraso shaving cream and Proraso After Shave Lotion which you can pick up online via Amazon of thru your local pharmaceutical. .. I'm not the biggest collector of wet shave creams and soaps ; i normally pick up products from Nivea Men and i use Feather or Derby Extra blades. Still novice when it comes to wet shaving and using a DE razor but practice makes perfect (...i hope) .Cheers Wet Shaving | Grooming Guide

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